About Golden Premier Club

Golden Premier Club is an online store that allows for the buying and selling of 24 carat investment gold bullion, from 1 to 100gr 999,9% purity certified by several of the largest refineries in Turkey, Germany and Switzerland.

The Certificate of Incorporation of Golden Premier Club shown below is of the Territory of the British Virgin Islands.

Administrative office of Golden Premier Club is located in Paris Tour Montparnasse, 33 Avenue Du Maine Paris 75015 France and the company's official website is www.goldenpremier.club.

Who is Golden Premier Club Suited For?

Golden Premier Club provides a fantastic opportunity for all groups of people to earn a second income part time or run a successful franchise business full time.

This business gives the stay at home mum or housewife the opportunity to make some money towards their monthly household budget. For the full time employee struggling to make ends meet, we have testimonies of many people who have quit their jobs when they realized that they make more in a couple of weeks what they earn in a year at their full-time job.

Some have used Golden Premier Club to help their friends and relatives who frequently ask them for financial assistance by paying the franchise fee for one of the Sets on their behalf and letting them run with it, making them become financially independent. Earning residual income is one thing, but what's even better is having fun while making money and seeing the changes in your life.

So it doesn't really matter your job, profession or background, whether you are a student, lecturer or teacher; housewife, stay at home mom, full-time worker, employer, ceo, managing director (MD) of your company, doctor, nurse, lawyer, accountant, engineer, pilot, banker, financial services staff, administrative officer, customer service officer, hotel manager, insurance agent, estate agent, oil and gas worker, aviation employee, trader, businessman or businesswoman, and yes...even the president of the country, if you are interested in the success of someone out there, then YOU should join a company that rewards you for your consideration for others.

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Paths To Wealth - Golden Premier Club Works By Sets

Paths To Wealth - Golden Premier Club Works By Sets

How Golden Premier Club works?



Write Down Your Why?

Articulate the reason why you've decided to join Golden Premier Club. It could be to buy your dream house, give children better education, special medical bills, relocation, family holiday abroad etc. Decide the target figure you want to make in Golden Premier Club and continuously remind yourself of your Why . We would love to hear your "why" please share with us by sending it to [email protected]



Get Ready to Network?

Golden Premier Club functions with a Legitimate Network Marketing Structure. Network marketing is an industry that has produced millionaires in very recent times. The Company's great, Compensation Plan is fantastic, so make sure you have the right information regarding Golden Premier Club and don't make the mistake of confusing it with a Money Doubling Scheme. The more you Network and increase referrals the more you earn with GPC, Please read the warning regarding the dangers of falling for schemers.



Select a comfortable Set

To start your business and become active select a comfortable set and we usually recommend new comers start with the COMBO set (i.e. SILVER set and SMART set combined) . To register on this set it costs €295/N150,000. Once you made payment and you have been officially registered then start by recruiting 3 business partners on this level who will also have 3 business partners each.Your earnings on the Combo set will be 1450€ (approximately N725,000 on set completion) .



Learn the Business and Promote it

You're now a potential leader and must be ready learn the business thoroughly so that you can also assist your prospects with the right answers. Be aware that any structure apart from the Network structure described is not Golden Premier Club. To succeed - 2 conditions: You must fully understand the Business and not take short cuts.Please watch the video presentation below for more understanding .





Why Choose Golden Premier Club?

Unlike other companies out there, Golden Premier Club's compensation plan is the best and highest rewarding plan (please check around). The plan is straight forward to understand. It is not complicated, and even a 5 year old will understand it and explain to you.

Earn up to 1 Million Naira monthly promoting your Gold Franchise.

You only make a one time investment on any package.

Your earnings are to infinity on any package.

No staff cost, no rent, free from the crazy costs of setting up a business.

You earn 10 times to over 100 times your investment over time.

You instantly earn EUROS every time someone partners with you on Main Sets.


After my return from a foreign trip I realised I was very broke. Fortunately, that was when I was informed about Golden Premier Club. I am not new to network marketing and was previously in a similar gold business and with 600+ people in my team I wasn't making anything. I saw the rewarding opportunity in Golden Premier Club and went out of my way to borrow 150,000 Naira to join. I refused to have the rigid mindset of being stuck in one place without any progress. I began building my team and I have earned over 20 times my investment in a few months. Everyday I smile now because with the people I have in this business I am just cruising, regularly earning development bonuses. I have not seen a business that's so rewarding with so little effort.

Desmond Okezie

I was introduced to Golden Premier at a time in my life when I was seeking for ways of creating more income while still working full time. Golden Premier Club provided not only the right opportunity but also the perfect formula. Once I understood the business, I was so overjoyed by the concept that I had a few sleepless out of sheer excitement. I've only been in the business for 4months and I honestly wish that I had joined earlier and had the opportunity to be reaping the benefits much sooner. I'm grateful to God for the GPC opportunity .

Olufunmi Daniel

I was introduced to this business shortly after I and my team had lost over N100 Million Naira in another Gold business known as Swiss Golden. Inspite of this previous experience, I thank God that I was able to see clearly that Golden Premier was an answer to prayer. Some people in my shoes would have allowed fear of past failures to rob them of this new opportunity but not me. I joined after raising the funds I needed and now just a few months down the line I can tell anyone that this business is indeed the very best - none to compare with!

Deji Olowookere

Video Testimonials of Members

Sample of Members Who Have Completed Sets


Frequently asked questions

1Is this the Official Website of Golden Premier Club?
The Official website of Golden Premier Club (GPC) is https://www.goldenpremier.club. However, our team known as The Golden Premier Club TAG Team developed this website to promote Golden Premier Club, to provide the public another medium for knowing more about Golden Premier Club, and to be available to answer any questions you may have.
2Do I have to pay for each Set?
YES. However, after the first payment to register, if one desires to include another set, it is usually paid for with profits and earnings.
3Do I have to quit my job to do this network marketing business?
No you don't have to quit your current job, all you need is to learn the skills required to succeed in this profession and apply the skills everyday. It is our greatest desire to see you earning in one month working part time with Golden Premier Club (GPC) what you earn in a year working full time in your current employment.
4How many people do I need to be successful in this business?
Depending on what Set you decide to join our team on Golden Premier Club you immediately start earning. Some join on Silver Set and immediately earn 20 Euros for the first person they partner with, while others start with Gold and earn 50 Euros for the first person. To watch your business grow, you're expected to partner with a minimum of three individuals. However, like everything in life, the more you develop yourself and your franchise, the more the rewards for you. One of the attributes of a successful Network Marketing professional is to work as part of a team and not alone. Our goal in this team is to develop every individual to evolve to become a leader not only in Golden Premier Club but in life.
5Is there any difference between Golden Premier Club and SwissGolden?
Both Golden Premier Club and SwissGolden are Gold stores. The difference you will find is in the marketing program. SwissGolden works by tables which split while Golden Premier Club works by sets which never split. For more information on this watch the video on “Differences between SG and GPC” to learn more - https://youtu.be/AxEq1pHKhaI
6Do I earn in Gold or in Euros? How do I receive my earnings?
- All earnings are in Gold. You can order for your Gold to be delivered straight to your doorstep through the web page – goldenpremier.club. - If you don’t want your Gold then you can sell it to GPC and you will be paid in euros. - As Golden Premier Club (GPC) is an international organization - there are very many ways to receive payment – OKPay, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer to a Euro account, Coupon sales.
7What is the meaning of “Set”?
The word set is simply used to describe GPC’s Business Model. Everyone that joins Golden Premier Club (GPC) has his own GPC Business or Set.  It could be Silver set or Gold set or Royal set or all three sets at the same time.
8If I’m on one set and I sponsor a business partner who is on another set will I earn any bonus?
You and your Business Partner need to be on the same set for you to earn.
9Is it possible to earn more than my sponsor?
You earn as you work. No one can keep you down.
10Can I be on more than one set at the same time?
Golden Premier Club (GPC) has a loyalty bonus which keeps on opening new sets after each one is completed and closed. Hence even if you decide to upgrade to a higher set the previous set is also still available for business.
11What happens if I have more than 3 partners?
The company requires that you have a minimum of 3 partners however, you can have as many partners as you want and this reflects in the increased Euro credits you earn for Gold. There is no limit to how large your team can be, it’s all up to you and your desire for success.
12Is this a Ponzi scheme?
Ponzi schemes are completely illegal and we will have nothing to do with them. We've done our checks on this company, they actually do buy and sell gold and partners order for their gold and receive it. Ponzi schemes don't have any product nor provide any service.
13How do I get started?
First read and understand the bonus program. Select a contract and call any of our team numbers +234.802.102.5292 or + to get our registration rate.
14What happens if I’m unable to have 3 partners?
Golden Premier Club (GPC) rewards you even if you only have one partner. In addition, it’s all about team work so you don’t work alone. Your team will work with you all along the way and teach you the skills you need and ensure you are on the path to success. Fill the "8 step form" above to receive more information.

This website is powered by Golden Premier Club TAG Team to help everyone know more about Golden Premier Club.

By joining our team (Golden Premier Club TAG Team), you will be provided with special training and amazing learning materials from world renowned network marketing giants. We want you to succeed not only in Golden Premier Club but also as a network marketing professional.

We’ve Got Only One Life. Make a Change. Make it Count.


When working in a team towards a common goal, teamwork is crucial and ensures that the work load is shared. Your team can mean the difference between your success or failure in any endeavour.
We'll walk you through every step needed to become successful.

Complete the Form to Get the Full 8 Steps
Some people have been deceiving members of the public and collecting large sums of money from them (multiples of 40k, 110k, 525k, etc ) with a promise to earn multiples of that in 4 weeks.

They claim they are operating under Golden Premier Club but this is FALSE!

NOTE: Golden Premier Club is a Legitimate Network Marketing Business which requires that you register directly with the Company, become a Franchisee with a user ID, and earn from the Company by promoting the business.
What these individuals are operating is not Golden Premier Club, nor is this how Golden Premier Club operates. This is NOT the structure of the business and the company does NOT approve of such transactions. 

Golden Premier Club is not affiliated with these people.

Investing your money with these people is a huge risk and at your peril.
There is a strong likelihood that you will lose your money, sooner or later with such people.

Be warned and Be Cautious.

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